Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, this project has NOTHING to do with Halloween, but whatever. At least the paper I used is autumny? :P I actually whipped these all up last night, plus a few more that are in use that aren't pictured - they're ATC envelopes. I actually enjoyed making them (if you can't tell by the fact that I made a ton, haha) and am debating trying to sell a few on the cheap at Etsy to give me an excuse to make more! (And apologies for the shoddy lighting in this photo yet again - it's just getting light out at 9AM, eww!)

I'll end up making a bunch more out of my rose-themed paper in preparation for that mega Valentine's ATC swap I mentioned before - 20 cards! - so at least there's that.

I've also started an autumn ATC and am still working on those two Christmas ATCs...and now I need to make two more Christmas ATCs for another swap. Wee!

The beauty of swapping in specific themes is that it's easy inspiration for crafting. ♥

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  1. ahh I wish I had them!! They would make great fabrics heheeh... loving your crafty blog ^^

    (unfortunately I cannot follow anyone,, Ive been trying but the links won't work, maybe it's my internet browser.. I will try again to follow you though I love your blog!!)

    Littlebear from swapbot blog swap xx