Thursday, October 28, 2010


Please pardon the terrible lighting in my terrible photo - it's definitely dark out at this point, but I wanted to post while I could! Today's project was these two ATCs - yay for cute piggies! I also worked on my two Christmas ATCs a little (darn, they're labor intensive!) and made two more mandala envelopes.

I'm hoping to finish the Christmas ATCs tomorrow, but of course, that depends on the kidlets.

The piggy ATCs will be going towards a 'sender's choice'-type ATC swap on swap-bot - I need to make a couple more for that same swap, but I have time. Need to make one ATC for another upcoming swap - the word 'love' or some derivative of it has to be included on the card somewhere. I also need to get crackin' if I want to hop in on a really huge Valentine's-ish swap that's coming up - it involves making -20- themed ATCs, one each for twenty partners. Woo.

Have I mentioned that I'm loving swap-bot and ATCs? Because I am. ;)

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