Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy delayed post, Batman!

Yeah, I actually HAVE been making little things here and there, but failed to post about them. Oops.

My project from a few days ago was making six little (2" x 2") cards with petal envelopes:

For a few days this week, my projects consisted merely of more mandala envelopes, which aren't really worth posting since they look exactly the same as the others with minor color variations.

Another couple of days was spent making the sequined backgrounds for my two Christmas ATC swap cards, which again aren't worth picturing until they're finished (if then? :P).

My project from two days ago:

I actually made two of these, but only took a picture of one since they're pretty well identical anyway. These were for the 'One Fish, Two Fish' ATC swap on swap-bot. Once I got over having the Dr. Suess story running through my head, all I could think of was I went with it. :P

I received a 5♥ rating for one of my first sequined cards (one of the flower ones) and it totally made my day. Sounds like she liked it, which I'm happy about. I was nervous about sending my creations out into the world since I'm so new at making ATCs, but I'm slowly feeling a little more comfortable with them. :)

Yesterday, crafting was not an option, and I almost went crazy - we had no power for almost NINE HOURS. Keep in mind that I have two young daughters (4 years old and 2 months old) and couldn't so much as make toast. (It was a cereal, cheese and crackers day.) It was stormy and completely gloomy, plus it gets dark out really early these days. At first, Kaia was amused, then bored...then amused when I had to light candles, then quickly bored again. I'm just lucky that Cameron is used to room temperature formula!


  1. I love Blinky! The cards looks great.


  2. Blinky is awesome. With two little ones remember any crafting is good crafting. Grab those moments when you can so you don't get to crazy. ;0)