Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So my 'mmmcake' didn't turn out quite so yummy. Well, it did, but not for me. I've finally determined why I feel so terrible and can't keep much food down lately - milk and milk products. I've eliminated them entirely and am feeling better, so that much is good. Still have an ear infection, but will be headed off to the doctor on Dec. 8th...I'll go to a walk-in clinic before then if I have to, but I trust my family doctor more than any other, so I'm reluctant. I'll need a referral to a dietitian too, since going from vegetarian to vegan is a big change and I want to make sure my meal planning is decent!

Also, I just had part one of a root canal today. Part two (and hopefully the last) comes on the 25th. Woo.

Can I have a new November, please?

ANYHOW, no more complaining, moving on to the crafties:

My very first skinny card! They're the same concept as ATCs, just bigger - 3"x5" rather than 2.5"x3.5". The specifications were that it be something relating to the 1900-09 timeframe, and I immediately thought of the advent of teddy bears...then went a bit mad with glitter. ^^; I was a bit intimidated to send it out, being as how the partner I sent to makes absolutely gorgeous cards, but it went out anyway - gotta start somewhere!

I received a cute little Christmas-y cross-stitch kit as one of my holiday wishes from a swap-bot group, and I whipped it up by the end of the night on the same day I received it, haha. My very first cross-stitch ever, and I think it turned out ok. I was pretty sure I'd do ok with it, considering I've done a ton with plastic canvas over the years (my mom taught me the basics when I was a kid), and so far so good. I'm currently doing a couple of private trades to receive more cross-stitch supplies, so that'll be fun. :D

I'm really looking forward to acquiring blank aida and embroidery floss to stitch my own things - pixel art and old 8-bit video game designs will carry over perfectly! I have visions of a soft case for my hubby's new phone covered in old-school Mario designs.

Currently tackling my massive Christmas card list, so between that, being ill, and the kids, I haven't had time for as much crafting as I'd like. I'm working on a Wizard of Oz-based ATC for a WTA (winner-takes-all) in one of my groups on swap-bot, a pink ATC for a swap not finalized until January (the holiday season is crazy-busy, and I want to be done in time!) and pretending like my craft things can be tamed.

One day, I -will- have a proper craft area, and everything will be organized and in it's place. For now, with how tiny our house is, my craft stuff is in a random jumble and small boxes are spread out from our bedroom to the computer desk to the shelves to the dining room table. I love my wonderfully tolerant husband, haha. ♥ (The desk is the worst - it looks like a craft box exploded!)

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  1. I dream of a craft area. My mom has a dedicated craft room & I'm so jealous.