Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More from yesterday.

Yesterday really WAS super-productive - these two ATCs were from last night! The top one is for the 'kawaii' ATC swap, and the bottom one is for the 'love' ATC swap. Sorry, I know the pictures are rubbish, but daylight is getting more and more sparse here - I'm dreading winter! At this point, it's mostly light by 9AM, and getting dark by 5:30PM...and it's only going to get worse. *sighs*

Today's projects will be boring and not worth picturing, unless I get a burst of creativity and a bunch of time - I need to make more mandala envelopes (I used all the ones I had made) and get crackin' on FOUR more Christmas ATCs. The backings on those take a really long time since I stitch on each sequin by hand...so they really need to get made ASAP so I know I'll get them finished in time!

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