Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mmm, cake.

Yes, I happen to be baking a cake right now. Yes, it's chocolate. Yes, I'll share, but you have to come here and fight my husband for it, as he's not so keen on sharing chocolate cake. (Unless it's with me, and considering I'm the one who bakes, he'd better darn well share with me!) ;)

Finally got a photo of those star ornaments I mentioned yesterday:

I think they'll be going to live with my mom as part of her Christmas gift. If I get ambitious (and more time, and more felt), I'll make some for coworkers too.

It's frustrating, how quickly the light fades these days...and it's going to keep on getting worse. :( It is currently 4:43PM and it's already'll be pitch dark by 6PM.

I'm just finishing up my four Christmas ATCs - need to stitch the last one onto the cardstock backing - and I'll edit this with a photo once I do. I timed it, and from start to finish, it takes roughly 4 hours to make ONE of my Christmas ATCs. Yeesh. I like them though, and I hope others do too! I've gotten some feedback in the form of ratings on swap-bot, so I'm feeling a little braver about sending my creations out into the world now. :)

EDIT to add photo:

Opted to just post a photo of one of them, as the 'group' photo didn't turn out well. Darn this lack of natural light! (And lack of photography skills and a light tent, hah!)

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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying your time on Swap-Bot! I love it there. If you're a newer swapper you should check out the group "Swappers Start Here." Here's a link.

    Enjoy your cake!