Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas season = no time for anything!

As the title says...I don't have time for much of anything these days, which is aggravating. I've been crafting in tiny spurts here and there, but haven't had time to do much in one sitting, nor have I taken photos. Our daylight is fast becoming a precious commodity - not that I like cold, but that's definitely something I absolutely HATE about winter. I like sun! :(

I've made a few random ATCs and some dolly skirts lately. I will do my best to get a photo of both up tomorrow.

Random, but if you're reading this and you're Canadian, DON'T BUY THE NEW REINDEER HOLIDAY STAMPS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE REALLY ANNOYED! I chose those ones over the stamps with the Christmas ornaments on them because I thought they were was a mistake. They don't stick worth a darn - I ended up having to take them off my Christmas card envelopes (and they came off super easily, which is scary), slather the backs with gluestick and put them back on. They just will not stick! The adhesive is terrible. It's a shame, because they really are pretty - they even have a little bit of glitter/shine to them! - but ugh. If I hadn't attacked 'em with a gluestick, they totally would have peeled off in the mail system and my Christmas cards would have ended up returned. What a fat waste of money that would have been!

Root canal is finished - hello pain, goodbye $333.85. (After insurance. At least insurance covered a decent chunk!)

Still coping with life without milk products. I found vegan Becel margarine, which made me WAY too happy - my husband was laughing at me the whole way out of the store, haha. I just need to find a decent egg substitute (and milk-free chocolate chips!), and I'll be on my merry way doing some Christmas baking that I can actually eat! I've discovered the hard way that I can't even eat something that milk products have touched. I made pizza for lunch, and I figured I would be safe if I only put cheese on Josh's half. A little of his cheese oozed onto my half in baking, so I scraped it over to his side and thought I'd be safe. WRONG. I've learned my lesson. :(

Crafting time would be lovely. Breathing time would be better. :P

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