Friday, December 3, 2010

Can I have a re-do?

Life has been enjoying kicking me in the butt way too much lately.

First, the whole milk thing. I'm dealing with it, but it still sucks. I hate having to be paranoid about what I eat!

Then, the stupid root canal. After I had the second part done on the 25th, it hurt like crazy...but then, I had numbness in my lower lip, chin and part of my jaw. I'm now on antibiotics and super anti-inflammatories, in case it's infection and/or inflammation compressing the nerve. If that doesn't do it, then the nerve itself was slightly damaged during the procedure, and it'll be weeks to months before it heals. Wee? As long as it isn't permanent damage, I'll deal. It isn't completely numb (I'd say, 40-50% numb?), but it feels really weird and I have to put actual effort into forming words properly. My chin is the worst, for whatever reason.

Around the same time, Kaia (my four year old) developed a NASTY cold/flu. It was bad enough that I actually got hubby to take her to the ER to get her checked out - they declared it a really bad cold or the flu, and said to bring her back if she isn't on the mend soon. Poor kid. I felt horrible for her - she looked like hell, wouldn't eat, pretty much just laid there hacking up a lung and vomiting a few times in the process. :( She is definitely on the mend now - she's been up to no good, so I know she's feeling better - but she's definitely not at 100%. She should be well enough to go to school on Monday, I think. She had to stay home on Wednesday and she was NOT pleased. (She only goes two days a week this year.)

To add to the fun, now Cameron (3.5 months old) caught Kaia's bug. So far, she's just a bit stuffy and has a tiny cough, but I'm terrified that it's going to get worse. For those of you with kids, you know how horrible it is trying to feed a baby when she can't breathe through her nose. :( She's such a sunny-tempered kid though, so she's taking it fairly well. Crossing my fingers and hoping she doesn't get any worse than it is now.

Hubby's been working more hours (retail management + holiday season = chaos) and that leaves me with way less free time (not that I had a ton to begin with) and a grumpier hubby. Apparently, there's a Christmas song to the tune of 'Jingle Bells' that is just made up of dogs barking and it's driving him nuts. Can't say I blame him.

Hours are extended at my work due to the holiday season as well. They generally don't mess with my schedule much, but we'll see what gets changed for the worse...this week's schedule is fine, but I'm scared to see what's coming. Even better, customers get grumpier as the holiday season wears on. I can deal with no tips (which is true of holiday season as well), as long as people are reasonably polite, but that goes downhill as we creep further into December.

When I -do- get a few minutes to myself, I've been working on a big cross-stitch project. It's actually only going to be 5x7 when complete, but it's crazy detailed on a bitty-count aida so it's taking a while. I'll post a picture when it's finished! It's supposed to be a Christmas gift (and will be framed), assuming I finish it in time. I should make it, at this rate. *crosses fingers*

I've been sticking to mostly postcard swaps these days...I know I have time to write a quick blurb on a card at least, and they make my mailbox happy. ;)

EDIT -- Hey, look - a photo!

Albeit a bad one, but a photo nonetheless. I've actually made more ATCs than this, but failed to take a photo of them before sending them on - bad me! The one on the left is for a Googly Eye ATC swap (and makes me laugh), while the one on the right is a sender's choice card.

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