Friday, December 31, 2010

All your inchies are belong to me.

They set us up the bomb. Ok, I'll stop being a dork now! Moving on...

More inchies! These are the ones I made for the free-theme swap - I always end up including an extra (each partner should get four for this one) because I like making them so much!

I finally went ahead and popped all of the ATCs I've received from others into sleeves and onto my wall near my desk/craft area/disaster zone. I was originally planning on waiting until we moved, because I don't want to feel like we're staying here forever, but decided to go ahead and do it now. We aren't moving 'til summer, since we're waiting until Kaia is finished school for the year so she won't have to change schools mid-year. I figure I'd rather have my little area happy-fied now rather than waiting another half a year!

Hubby DID end up getting my paper trimmer for me - he went across town to Michael's to get it for me (of his own volition!) even though he has strep throat and feels like utter rubbish. ♥ Wasn't expecting that, but it was awesome of him.

Speaking of family, I feel SO bad for my four-year-old kiddo, and it makes me want to cry. She has a HUGE infected submandibular lymph node (her left side) and Josh took her to the doctor on Thursday. They prescribed her some strong antibiotics and said that if it isn't noticeably better within 48 hours, to bring her back and they'd probably have to lance it. :( It's basically impossible to get her medicine into her (asked her to take it, she refused...MADE her take it, she threw it up...tried hiding it in both chocolate milk and a strawberry shake, no dice) so it's no wonder. We've managed to get VERY small amounts into her by hiding it in milk, but can only mix a tiny bit in because it's so strong-tasting. Better some than none, but it isn't making a big enough dent in her infection. The ER doc drew a circle around her gland so we'd be able to see if it did get smaller or not - it's a TEENY bit smaller, but probably not enough to make a difference. I don't even know how they'd go about doing the procedure on guess says that they'd have to put her under since she's so little - not like she's an adult who would be ok with local anesthesia and would know enough to hold still. I'm terrified of the whole thing and my heart is breaking for her. I'm crossing my fingers that it's down by this time tomorrow, and all my worrying is for naught. Please think happy thoughts for Kaia! :(

My back and neck still hurt, but slightly less than before. I don't really care about me, though - my concern is for the kidlet.

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