Monday, December 13, 2010

An update worth updating for.

I've made a few ATCs over the past few days - mostly Christmas-y, one that's New Year's-themed (is it me, or does the man in the photo remind you of Shia Labeouf?), and another random one just because I like the color combination. ;) I've also just about finished my C ATC card (for the same set as the B Bee one I posted) - basically just have to attach it to a backing and trim with ribbon.

Also finally located a frame for that project I mentioned before, and took a (bad) photo of it. (Sorry for the reflection!) I think it would look much better in a matted 8x10" frame, so I'll see if I can't find something better suited for it before Christmas.

Next up - finishing C ATC, starting D and E ATCs, finishing A ATC. (A lovely lady on swap-bot has the floss color I need, so my started A card should be salvaged. Huzzah!)

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