Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A flower for Lori, and Josephine's inchies.

How depressing - one of the needlework ATCs I sent out last month seems to be MIA. I reallyREALLY hope that it turns up eventually, as I put a ton of time & love into it...but in the meantime, I've made her a new one that'll go out in the morning! I haven't made a felt-based ATC in a bit, so I figured I was overdue. ;)

Still working on: Everything from the last post - hah!

EDIT to add -- Finally finished the inchies for Josephine, phew!

I also managed to lose my only good needle for cross-stitch, so I had to use the lame one I had to finish these...and I have a TON of cross-stitch work to do over the next few days...ugh. I really hope the good one resurfaces!

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