Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Using my shiny new laptop - yay! Not-so-yay is the fact that we had to pull a few hundred dollars from the saving-for-a-house account to buy said laptop, but oh'll be replaced when we can. At least we didn't have to charge it?

Random ATC:

And an ATC made for a swap-bot public forums tag (one of her chosen themes was dessert, and cupcakes are fun!

On-the-go: Lots, as usual. Finishing up my five-themed ATCs for now. I have a whole whack of random ATCs, inchies and twinchies to tackle as well. Yayyyy crafting!

For the record - I'm totally not making a dent in my craft stuff. I'm trying! I really need to buy some more adhesives, though. I'll have to snag some this weekend. I'm totally out of glue tape, and I -need- that stuff! XD

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