Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm scared.

My poor computer seems to be stuck on self-destruct mode. I have several photos that I need to upload, but I'm too paranoid to do anything with them right now! The external hard drive has been making really weird sounds, too...the manufacturer has shipped us a new power supply, as they claim that's probably what is causing it, but I have my doubts. Really, REALLY hope that at least one of the two holds out so I don't lose everything!

Something that's already on the computer and thus 'safe' to post about:

The starfish ATC I made for the first 'Under the Sea'-themed swap. I drew it, went over it with a sharpie and a black felt-tipped pen, and finally it was watercolor time. I think it's cute! :) (I hope my partner thinks so as well!)

I also finished the pastel inchies, pink inchies, butterfly inchies, spring inchies, and probably more. I'll refresh my memory once I'm able to upload those darned pictures!

Cross your fingers and hope that my computer holds out, please - I really don't feel like shelling out a few hundred bucks for a new one! D:

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