Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New hard drive...yay?

Finally have my computer back after hubby spent most of the day putting in a new hard drive and updating everything. And I must say - how did I live without an external hard drive for so long? SO nice to have everything backed up!

So, on to the stuff!

I finally finished the sewing portion of that hoard of postage stamp ATCs I mentioned a while back. I still have to glue most of them to cereal box cardboard backings (which I cut out today). The first one I finished went out for the 'Recycled Scavenger ATC' swap:

I also finished my two ATCs for the 'Things With Wings #1 - Butterfly' ATC swap:

And lastly, finished another one of my postage stamp ATC hoard:

The last one isn't going anywhere specific yet, but I do so many swaps that I'm sure it won't take long for it to be headed somewhere new!

Next up/on-the-go: Finishing my postage stamp ATC hoard. 12 pastel inchies (partners are now assigned for this, so I need to get my craft on!). 12 pink inchies. 1 starfish ATC. Three five-themed ATCs. 8 butterfly inchies. Tackle my craft supply hoard!

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