Friday, March 11, 2011

My computer hates me.

Hubby got it working for now, but I fear I may need to replace it. I'm thinking laptop, but he's kind of against it because it's harder to fix if something goes wrong, and he can't really upgrade it himself. We'll see! I don't really care, so long as it works!

Finished that ephemera + robot ATC:

And finished my kawaii inchies:

Can't tell from my crappy photo, but at least half of these inchies are glittery! :D

I also finished my K ATC, but as usual, not going to bother with pictures 'til the full set is finished. Finished a couple random ATCs and some random inchies, but I've no idea what they'll be going towards yet. We'll see! Finished a few twinchies that'll go towards the next sender's choice swap - will post once they're all complete.

Next up: Convincing the baby to detach from me (she's currently claw-pinching my hands as I type, and it actually really hurts!). L, M, N, O ATCs. 12 pastel inchies. 12 pink inchies. Last two sets of alpha inchies.

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