Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I hate it when that happens.

Every once in a while, I make something(s) and pack it up/send it out...and THEN realize that I never did take a photo of it. Oops!

Yeah, I did it again. 9 twinchies for another Paper Cutz swap. Oh well - I'll try not to do it again! (I know I will eventually, but at least I don't do it often?)

Anyway! Finished my four-themed ATCs two? days ago:

And I was in a random-creating mood last night, so I made these:

On the go: LOTS! Almost everything from the last post still needs to be finished. Also, I really need to attempt to tackle my craft supplies hoard - it's spilling over and taking over the table and my desk! (Ok, so it always has a partial claim on my desk, but it's getting out of control!)

Hubby has today and tomorrow off, so I'm going to attempt to use this time wisely. Lots of (spring?) cleaning, organizing, and of course, crafting! I'm going to try to use up as much of my existing supplies as possible without buying anything new. (Aside from adhesives, of course!)

Off to battle I go!

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