Friday, March 16, 2012

Bright & Colorful postage stamp ATC

Postage stamp ATCs are right up my alley, so this swap was easy enough to knock out!

BC with a postage stamp ATC:

I'm still annoyed with having only THREE of my ATC army left incomplete, but I'm not ready to face the sewing machine yet. :3

I actually got a chance to make a few random ATCs last night, so that was kind of fun. :D They ended up being super-random and weird...I have so many random collage images to use that I decided to finally start using them. Combine that with backgrounds cut from part of a Welsh? map (random cool extra I got in a swap a long time ago), random postage stamps and rhinestones...yeah. Fun!

I want to finish up my "M is for..." ATC, and figure out what to do with N. (I like having things done ahead of time, as I never know how busy I'll be on any given day!) I'd like to do something with needlework for N (because I have a single letter 'N' to stitch on - like the one I used for G) but using "needlework" AS the word for N seems too...bland/cheap. So I have to come up with a theme starting with N that I can pull off in needlework. Hrm.

Beyond that (and the "twisted" twinchies, which I may not figure out in time), I'm pretty much just in sender's choice-type swaps lately. Oh, and I've started my ATC color series in one group, as well as a "weird" ATC swap. (Yeah, the latter may have been inspired by my random ATC creations from last night!)

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