Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pictures, go!

Gosh, I'm silly. I was just freaking out a little, thinking I'd failed to take photos of my Hermes & Zoidberg ATCs before I sent them out...and then I realized that I had taken photos earlier in the day, and was fine. D'oh!

So, yeah. Pictures!

Fabric ATC #2:

Batman & Penguin ATCs:

Hermes & Zoidberg ATCs:

Trying to restrict my swapping to themes that really call to me, but it's hard to narrow it down - so many swaps seem fun! Considering how many regular swaps I host, combined with how many regular swaps of other hostesses that I regularly join...I'm going to TRY being reasonable about the amount of 'other' swaps I join. Except that I don't think that'll go too well. Operative word is TRY. ;)

Tackled a few random alphabet ATCs today, but still need to attack them with Mod Podge. Made about nine million envelopes out of a no-longer-usable recipe book last night and this morning. (100+ for sure, but it felt like millions!) Still need to finish my B and D ATCs for that private swap - B is mostly done, D isn't started yet. Gonna knock out at least B tomorrow, but hopefully both! (Then again, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow...combined with the bloodwork wait, I might not have that much free time, heh.)