Monday, March 12, 2012

PC Sender's Choice ATC & spring inchies.

Took me a bit longer than expected to knock them out, but they're done! Why did it take me longer? Because I've been piecing about a million postage stamp ATCs over the last few days. I'm exaggerating of course, but it doesn't feel like it's by much...definitely over 100 ATCs! I still have to whip out the sewing machine to finish them, and then stick 'em all to sturdy backings...I'll finish that this week, I hope!

PC~ Sender's Choice ATC:

Spring inchies (5, plus a random tagalong - I can't bring myself to send less than 6!):

Finally got my blood work done today - it actually wasn't a massive wait, for once! I think I was there for maybe 40 minutes all told, which isn't bad at all. 6 vials later, here I am. Wonder how bad my iron levels are...

Ooh, in good news - our mortgage pre-approval appointment is set for Thursday morning! Think happy thoughts for us, please! :)

Currently working on/need to finish: 5 more "me" inchies. 2x X-Men & 1x villain ATC. Superman villain ATC - I'm going with Lex Luther. 3 "twisted" twinchies, if I can figure out what the heck to do with the theme before the sign-up deadline. And of course, I need to do the sewing portion on my million ATCs!

Probably going to start an ATC color series in a few groups soon...I like having rainbow ATC pages. ;)

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