Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things inchies.

Finished - yay!

A Few of my Favorite Things inchies:

A little bit of clarity, not that they need a ton: My favorite colors are pink and orange, especially together. I like flowers, and love gardening. I have a minor (hah!) obsession with Lalaloopsies and Doctor Who. I've been wearing Chucks for the past 10+ years, and my current pair is black. When the 10th Doctor came along and happened to wear Chucks too, that was extra-awesome. (He's still tied with the 9th for my favorite Doctor, but he's more easily recognizable.) Larabars are wonderful, and one of the few treats still available to me - and yes, the label was snipped from a box of the apple variety. I love baking (especially cupcakes), and I love stars. This is me, in an inchie "nutshell". ;)

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