Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sender's choice stuff.

A couple more swaps went out, wee~!

Sender's choice ATC x2, round six:

QUICK ATC swap #62:

Still need to figure out those "twisted" twinchies. It's such a fun idea...I hope I can make it work in time!

Decided to drop from the upcoming super hero ATC swaps, as I just wasn't feeling them.

I finished all but THREE of the ATC army. My sewing machine went bats, got jammed, and the needle bent. It made a super-scary sound and scared the hell out of me. I got brave, changed the needle (for the first time ever!) and decided to try again...and it got jammed again. I'm too scared of it to try again any time soon, so the three remaining ATCs will have to sit unfinished for now. Maybe I'll get brave again in another couple of weeks and poke and prod at my machine 'til I figure out what the heck went wrong!

I'm itchin' to make some random ATCs, but I've been under toddler attack or doing a ton of housework pretty well constantly. (Sometimes both, which never goes well.) I'm down one kid for the next day or two (my parents took my five year old for a sleepover), so maybe I'll get in some crafting time when the kidlet naps! (I should say -IF- the kidlet naps...*sighs*)

Ohohoh, and on a random positive note - mortgage pre-approval secured! We're going to e-mail the real estate agent she (mortgage specialist lady at the bank) recommended tonight/tomorrow morning, and the real journey begins! :D Wish us luck!

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