Friday, March 2, 2012

One dozen inchies & Three twinchies for March.

Man, the swap-bot partnering system makes me laugh seems to get stuck in ruts for who people should send to. I host two sender's choice inchie swaps (one swap each in two groups, each swap has two partners) and two sender's choice twinchie swaps (one swap each in two groups, one partner per swap) monthly. This month, I ended up with the same partners in both inchie swaps, and I'm sending to one of them for a twinchie swap too! Poor Tommie must be so sick of me by now. ;)

Without further ramble, the stuff!

One dozen March inchies for Tommie:

One dozen March inchies for margoartist:

Both sets of 'Three twinchies' for March (and one is sideways, derp):

Currently finishing off my Futurama and Batman ATCs, and working on my remaining A-E ATCs for that private swap.

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