Monday, March 5, 2012

For bjmonroe.

I saw that a new swapper was unable to participate in the Color Me Pink ATC swap due to insufficient ratings, so I hopped in and volunteered to do a one-on-one swap with her so she wouldn't miss out. So yes, this is for her!

I really need to stop with the needlework ATCs...that crater in my finger is getting worse.

On a stupid crafty note, I have a bunch of stuff to finish (or work on in general) but can't...for the most ridiculous reason ever. Why can't I craft? Because I ran out of GLUE STICKS. How did I manage that?! I'll have to bug my hubby to snag me a few tomorrow. D:

I saw my doctor today and am still alive. However, again, I'm stupid - I forgot to mention this weird pressure-pain I've been having in my right eye. It wasn't bothering me while I was there, so I didn't even think about it. (My left feels weird, but nothing compared to my right.) If it gets worse, or doesn't let up, I'll make a new appointment, I guess. I hope it's nothing and just a new symptom of my constant tiredness. (Have to go back for bloodwork for that too...I still think it's just my iron levels being crap, but he wants to rule out a bunch of stuff.)

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