Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A through E ATCs.

Got the last of 'em done today - whew! I officially need to stop doing needlework ATCs for a bit, but yeah, knocked out my last two for this private swap. I had originally planned on doing them all in cross-stitch, but in the end, I just went wherever inspiration took me. The result? A random mixture of collage, needlework, and a lonely hand-drawn watercolor dinosaur. I'm still a bit nervous about hand-drawing things, but I try to make myself do them from time to time...won't learn otherwise, right?

Here we go:

Hubby got me a glue stick (only one - I'll be surprised if it lives past the weekend!) so I'll be able to work on more stuff tomorrow. :D I'll be attacking a ton of almost-finished ATCs with Mod Podge momentarily. Beyond that, I need to work on 6 "me" inchies and 3 "twisted" twinchies...still haven't figured out what to do for the latter.

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